Construction Consultants for Los Angeles HOAs and Attorneys Throughout California

From our offices in Los Angeles and San Rafael, Donley Construction Consultants brings organization and predictability to a high-stakes undertaking.

Whether you’re spearheading a multi-unit repair project or unraveling a construction dispute, you'll need an interpreter and advisor to the extraordinarily complex modern construction industry.

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“As a generalist and your advocate, I help you anticipate and avoid problems.”

Ongoing and Project-based HOA Services

Count on Donley Construction Consultants for both continuing and one-time, project-based advisory services to property managers and HOAs in L.A.

“My job is to minimize your risks and maximize your results, within the agreed-on construction budget.”

Dispute Resolution in Northern
and Southern California

My other focus is working with attorneys on dispute resolution projects. In addition to expert testimony, I provide insider perspective and investigative services, via in-person inspection and examining project documents. If I haven’t seen your exact problem, I’ve probably seen something like it.

Modern Construction Approaches

I rely on today's best techniques, such as lean construction and target value design (TVD), to reduce waste, increase efficiency and provide better contracting, cost control and project schedules. I also use new procurement techniques to build quality project teams, resulting in better outcomes.

Get a free half-hour consult and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. Either I can help you or recommend the next step for solving your problem.   


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