New processes and materials

The mailboxes of subcontractors are full on information about new materials and how to apply them every week. I get only a few of them, but a specialist subcontractor is sought out by materials suppliers from around the world. As a repair specialist for many years, I studied waterproofing materials and occasionally utilized a set of products from Germany. They had a great network of suppliers in the US and I still have a binder of their products on my shelves. This company actually supplied and guaranteed the waterproofing for a surgery suite built underground in Sacramento. While that was overkill for a residential installation, the point is that I provide information by utilizing a network of skilled subcontract specialists.

In the 40 years that I have been learning about crafts work, I submit that I have learned how to speak to contractors to obtain the best choices for your project. A recent client wanted to re-roof and had obtained some quotes from roofers about “cool roofs” which had some discounts available due to the air conditioning reduction in energy supported by conservation programs. However, the site was shaded and often foggy, making the cool roof idea inappropriate for the site. It turns out, after consultation with a roofing consultant, that the cool roof materials don’t dry sufficiently between rains in that locality. So, we went with a regular reroof using standard materials.