About Construction Expert
John M. Donley


Donley Construction Consultants brings over 40 years of experience to construction analysis, facilitation and communication services. Originally established in the San Francisco Bay Area, the firm now serves clients in Los Angeles as well.

Founded by construction expert and dispute resolution specialist John Donley, the company is built on a foundation of efficiency. He responded to clients’ need for streamlined, objective construction answers and a way to reduce vendor conflicts and project glitches.

Protecting HOAs

John acts as an HOA and property manager advocate, guiding project set-up, managing communications with vendors and expediting completion of jobs.

The best time to engage him is in the planning and organization of a project, at the beginning of a repair or remediation.

John can also join a project in progress, to promptly get communications and work unstuck and back on track. Not the largest service provider, he resolves issues and accelerates the work.

Because he’s been involved in everything from kitchen remodels to the development of a $125 million airport expansion, John can anticipate glitches and advise on:

  • setting priorities for deferred maintenance

  • troubleshooting chronic issues like leaks and dry rot

  • solving conflicts with designers or performers of work

  • communications between the owners/HOA board and the project designers and contractors

  • evaluating competitive vendor bids & developing a cooperative environment on projects

“I’m an efficiency hound,” John says, “not a bargain hunter. What looks like the lowest-priced bid can turn out otherwise.”

Attorney’s dispute resolution partner

An industry veteran, John is a seasoned investigator and expert witness, having testified in both regional and federal courts.

A personal note

John, a Michigan native who embraced California, is a boat builder and sailor in his spare time. He raised two sons in the Bay Area and now splits his time between Marin County and Los Angeles.


  • Master of Science in Architecture, CalPoly, San Luis Obispo

  • Certified Dispute Review Board Member

  • Certified Building Analyst

  • Certified Green Building Professional, California

  • General Building Contractor, California

  • Certified Building Inspector

  • Certified General Inspector, California - Department of State Architect for Class 2 school projects

  • BS, Psychology, Michigan State University