Construction Consulting & Dispute Resolution
for Property Owners, HOAs & Attorneys

If you’re a property owner, manager or HOA board member in the Los Angeles or San Francisco area, I can help you protect your real estate asset.

As a construction/architecture interpreter and advisor, my job is to increase efficiency and minimize clashes and mistakes on your projects.

Construction Advisory Services

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Define projects

  • Property walk-throughs - identify areas that require maintenance in common area

  • Introduce design professionals – refer specialists who can prepare scope of work and plans so vendor proposals can be requested

  • Provide options, such as lean construction procedures, to modernize old procurement techniques

  • Review designs and cost estimates – analyze plans and budgets for proposed maintenance or improvement projects

Proposal evaluation

  • Proposal comparison report – evaluate competing proposals and provide advisory report for HOA board decision making

  • HOA board meetings – available to answer questions and explain construction priorities, offer guidance

Facilitate timing & budget

  • Coordinate and communicate – provide fast, accurate on-point reports, calls and texts to contractors, construction managers and designers to keep the project moving and the board informed

  • Review onsite supervision and construction observations – be the eyes and ears for the HOA board

  • Verify work orders – follow up with design professionals to confirm their observation of completed work

You can ask questions and get answers on the spot, or I’ll promptly do the research to find a solution for you. I’ll meet you where you are.

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When to bring me in

  • trying to get a project started

  • stuck in the middle of a project

  • the project is finished but not done correctly

“Often I can unblock the process by visiting your site and reviewing relevant documents.”   

Construction Dispute Resolution Services Across California

Of course, the goal is to avoid conflict, but if it comes to it I can help untangle the construction dispute. I’ve assisted countless attorneys in uncovering relevant evidence and resolving disputes in commercial and residential buildings.

What I bring to the table

  •  500+ dispute resolution projects as report writer, claims consultant or testifying expert

  • my deep network of construction and legal contacts — if I don’t know the answer, I know who does

  • project leadership skills of many projects, some with up to 250 project participants


Get in touch. No charge for the first half-hour consult.