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California construction claims consultants – for complex delay, cost overrun and defect claims

Call on Los Angeles-based Donley Construction Consultants for expert claims consulting services in California. Our 30 years of experience on 500 cases gives you the edge. We document your case and help you efficiently settle or litigate your commercial defect, delay or cost overrun construction claims.

Specializing in claims on $5 to $100 million projects

Are you an attorney, insurer, contractor or building owner with a construction claim on a $5 to $100 million project? If so, you’re in the right place. Bring us on board for disputes on multistory commercial buildings, multifamily residences and public buildings – from schools to hospitals and airport parking structures. We can support you on projects of all sizes, but these “middle-sized” jobs are our forte.

Comprehensive construction claims services

With a combination of broad in-house expertise and easy access to professionals in related fields, our services assist you in resolving a variety of commercial construction claims:

  • Construction defect, cost, delay analysis
  • Mediation, arbitration and expert witness testimony
  • Dispute Review Boards, membership or chair

Give us a call and let’s see how we can help resolve your case. Or click a link to find out more about:
our expertise
our commercial construction consulting projects


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We Are Generalists

We mean that in a very specific way. While we know specifications of hundreds of construction elements, we also know the best contacts for every element. We have managed technical teams of 8 different firms and provided coordination for efficient analysis. Technical team leadership is a specialty.

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