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San Francisco Bay Area construction claims experts – schools, commercial and residential projects

Working on over 500 projects, we’ve found the common element in construction claims is solving a construction problem. Our projects have ranged from large to small, straightforward to very unusual. Here are a few projects with contrasting qualities that show our versatility and problem-solving skills.

LARGE PROJECTS: Donley Construction Consultants was a lead expert for a Central California school district that recovered a $12 million settlement arising from errors in the design, management and construction of a high school. We developed and presented the Construction Management and Architecture claims. We provided management of over 100,000 documents. Tim Volkmann of Santa Cruz was counsel for the School District.

AND SMALL: The owner of a residence in San Rafael recovered $16,000, (a total recovery) resulting from a claim about a patio design and construction. We assisted them with an analysis of the contracting, design and construction activities of the builder. Russell Leibson of San Francisco was counsel for the Homeowners.

OLD BUILDINGS: One client owns an historic 12-story building near Union Square in San Francisco, built in 1923. We organized details of a remediation project to the façade and encouraged meetings to coordinate the remediation of this and other deferred maintenance projects with the tenants. The client is represented by Jeff Schoppert of Keegin Harrison Schoppert & Smith.

AND NEW PROJECTS: Our client owned a large warehouse that had a very expensive and high-tech tenant improvement. When the tenant couldn’t pay for the improvement, the builder looked to our client and tried to work around the standard protective paperwork. We helped assemble a real estate consulting team to evaluate the tenants' program and we analyzed the construction cost. The client settled the dispute favorably making special new business arrangements for the building and avoiding the cost claim against them. Christopher Costin of Beyers | Costin in Santa Rosa represented the client.

STRANGE PROBLEMS: An Elementary School in Placer County had strange bubbles appearing in its brand new rubber floor in the Gym. We showed that the fill wasn’t the right material and held too much moisture, requiring a special membrane under the floor. The school settled with funds adequate to repair the floor. Mike Grob was counsel for the District when he was with Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann and Girard in Sacramento.

AND COMMON ONES: A new home in San Rafael had many leaks in a three story south-facing wall. We designed a repair, organized the remedial construction project, and assisted counsel and client in settling for complete reimbursement of the cost of the reconstruction project. The counsel for the homeowners was Paul Smith of Keegin, Harrison, Schoppert & Smith.

Chances are we’ve helped resolve a construction dispute similar to yours. Contact us and we’ll fill you in.

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We have usually 20 to 30 projects in house at any one time. From short to long projects, we can coordinate our services to meet your needs. Our main area of work includes a large semi-circle from Eureka, California to Lake Tahoe to Monterey. We have testified in 6 Bay Area counties and usually have many projects circling the Bay.

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