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Construction dispute resolution – our approach

Good dispute resolution is good for the California construction business. We deliver clarity and well-delineated solutions that help maintain the integrity and reputation of the parties involved. Choose from two approaches for supporting you in resolving your case:

Streamlined, budget-conscious option

If you have a small, simple case or a project with a tight budget or timeline, consider our closed-end investigation and analysis package. Attorneys tell us this streamlined strategy often gives them the technical data and advice they need.

The streamlined service option includes:

  • capped budget with evergreen billing – a $3,000 advance gives you 12 hours of our investigation and consulting assistance; monthly statements show work completed, balance remaining and any unused fees to be refunded

  • highly focused data gathering – job site inspection, document review and contractor interviewing as allowed by the timeframe and budget

  • quick turnaround – project finished to meet your deadlines

  • report – a concise accounting of our activities, findings and recommendations, provided verbally or by written report

  • add-ons – ability to contract for additional hours of consultation if needed; a replenishment invoice will confirm services added on to the original project

Consulting contracts

Our open-ended contract is well-suited to large, complex dispute resolution cases, and provides the flexibility to reconstruct a complete timeline of events critical to the claim. Because we know what to observe, what to record and how to present it, you receive a valuable distillation of insights and evidence.

You can expect us to address:

  • project documents – digitize, organize and extract relevant data from plans and correspondence

  • job sites – inspect and draw conclusions from the physical facts at locations throughout California and beyond

  • interviewing – gather information from contractors and consult engineers and architects, as needed

  • progress reports – monthly overview of findings and budget updates

  • final report – a complete evaluation of the case, analysis of findings and recommendations for resolving the dispute

If you’re not sure which approach is right for your case, let us walk you through the decision-making process. Also, for your convenience, you can now pay by credit card for retainers and expenses.

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Give us a call, and we’ll help you resolve controversies in the trades, at all stages of construction – from project design to close-out and beyond. You’ll receive valuable data, efficient service and high quality solutions on projects involving public, commercial and residential buildings.

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